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The Foreign Investors’ Chamber of Commerce & Industry (FICCI) was established on the 1st of July 1963 in the port city of Chittagong under the name and style of the “Agrabad Chamber of Commerce & Industry” (‘Agrabad’ being the name of the commercial hub of the city) with the initiative of the foreign companies located in and around Chittagong. It may be mentioned here that, at that point of time, most of the foreign companies, mainly British, had their establishments located in that region of the country.


Executive Committee

Mrs. Rupali Chowdhury


Mr. Kevin Lyon

Vice President

News & Events

Bangladesh Development Update: Economy Requires Focus on Sustainable and Inclusive Growth

The Bangladesh Development Update, April 2016 notes that Bangladesh economy remained strong and resilient despite external and internal challenges. Bangladesh is among the top 12 developing countries with a population of over 20 million, who achieved 6 plus percent growth in 2016....View Details

Budget Bears Appendage on Mega Development Plans

The national budget for next financial year (FY) will contain a separate section showing allocations against existing and new mega projects for three consecutive FYs. A rolling fund of Tk. 2.12 trillion earmarked for this purpose will...View Details

Inflation Edges Down on Lower Commodity Prices

Inflation declined 4 basis points to 5.61 percent in April on the back of the lower rice and vegetable prices at home and the slump in commodity prices in the international market. Last month, food inflation dropped 5 basis points to 3.84 percent...View Details

Global Risks 2016

The Global Risks Report 2016 focuses on the ways that global risks could be minimized in the next ten years. This year marks a forceful...View Details

New VAT Law to Fuel Living Costs

Prices of many goods and services will soar, while various local industries will face increased competition with imported goods once the new VAT and supplementary duty law comes into effect in July. Framed at the prescription of the International Monetary Fund...View Details

Small Businesses Honored

Citi Foundation, the philanthropic arm of Citigroup, awarded three micro entrepreneurs and two microfinance institutions for their contributions to the economy...View Details

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