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Welcome To FICCI!

The Foreign Investors’ Chamber of Commerce & Industry (FICCI) was established on the 1st of July 1963 in the port city of Chittagong under the name and style of the “Agrabad Chamber of Commerce & Industry” (‘Agrabad’ being the name of the commercial hub of the city) with the initiative of the foreign companies located in and around Chittagong. It may be mentioned here that, at that point of time, most of the foreign companies, mainly British, had their establishments located in that region of the country.


Mr. Shehzad Munim


Mr. Francois de Maricourt

Vice President


Disquieting Trend in Job Market

Some 8.5 lakh women lost jobs in the industrial sector between 2013 and 2016-17 -- a development that the Centre for Policy Dialogue has termed 'truly disquieting'. It appears that many jobs were displaced for adoption of technology by factories after the increase in...

Foreign Loans Getting Costlier: BIBM

Increasing LIBOR rate and the appreciation of the greenback against the taka are putting pressure on Bangladeshi businesses that borrowed from foreign sources to meet their needs, according to a report of the Bangladesh Institute of Bank Management. If these pressures...

FICCI Seeks 5% Cut in Corporate Tax

The Foreign Investors’ Chamber of Commerce and Industry on Monday, April 02, 2018 urged the government to lower corporate income tax rate by 5 per cent in the upcoming national budget for 2018-19 fiscal and freeze the rate for at least three years. At a pre-budget...

Quest for a Cashless Society Continues

Electronic or digital payments have been growing steadily in Bangladesh for the last several years, thus helping the country to boost revenue collection and reduce currency printing costs. A total of 180 crore transactions worth nearly Tk 23 lakh crore, which is six...

Economy to Stay Strong

The Global Economic Prospects, a flagship report of the World Bank Group, said activity in Bangladesh would grow at an average of 6.7 percent a year over fiscals 2018-2020, benefiting from strong domestic demand and strengthening exports. “Low interest rates and...

WB to Stop Financing Oil, Gas projects

The World Bank will stop financing oil and gas exploration and extraction from 2019, it announced Tuesday at a climate summit seeking to boost the global economy's shift to clean energy. "The World Bank Group will no longer finance upstream oil and gas, after 2019,"...