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The Foreign Investors’ Chamber of Commerce & Industry (FICCI) was established on the 1st of July 1963 in the port city of Chittagong under the name and style of the “Agrabad Chamber of Commerce & Industry” (‘Agrabad’ being the name of the commercial hub of the city) with the initiative of the foreign companies located in and around Chittagong. It may be mentioned here that, at that point of time, most of the foreign companies, mainly British, had their establishments located in that region of the country.



Mrs. Rupali Chowdhury


Mr. Kevin Lyon

Vice President


Global Risks 2016

The Global Risks Report 2016 focuses on the ways that global risks could be minimized in the next ten years. This year marks a forceful departure from past findings, as the risks about which the report has been warning over the past decade are starting to manifest...
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BD Receives $605.25m in Remittance during Sept 1-16

The country received $605.25 million in remittance during the first 16 days of September, on the back of $1,183 million in August. Bangladesh Bank statistics show that four state-owned commercial banks, Agrani, Janata, Rupali and Sonali, received $185.94 million from...
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UNDP: Bangladesh Will Reach 70% Workforce By 2030

The United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) has said the Bangladesh workforce will reach 70% of the total population by 2030; currently, the nation’s labor workforce is 66% of its population. UNDP has also said one of the greatest challenges Asia-Pacific countries...
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ADB Approves $8bn Five-Year Loan for Bangladesh

The Asian Development Bank (ADB) will increase its lending for public and private sectors in Bangladesh to $8 billion for 2016 through 2020. It’s aimed at helping the country build infrastructure and skills needed for a strong, diversified economy and strengthen trade...
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Bangladesh Ranks 106th in Global Competitiveness Index

Bangladesh has ranked 106th in Global Competitiveness Index among 138 countries in 2016-17, one notch above its position held last year In the previous year, the country held 107th position among 140 countries. Though Bangladesh scored 1.06% higher to 3.80 from 3.76,...
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Chinese Yuan Set to Join IMF’s Elite Currency Basket

China’s yuan is poised to enter the International Monetary Fund’s elite SDR basket of currencies, elevating Beijing’s banknotes into a family long exclusive to global reserve assets. A symbolic coup for policymakers in Beijing, the move represents a...
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