Message From The President


It is an absolute privilege and an honor to have the opportunity to lead such a powerful and passionate team. Thank you for your confidence in me and the 2024-2025 board. Over the last 60 years, FICCI has evolved by taking one small step at a time. From the roots of our founding fathers as Agrabad Chamber of Commerce, today we have become a behemoth called FICCI. The 60th anniversary celebration a few weeks back has been a testament of how far we have come.
This committee takes on the leadership at a challenging time due to the multitude of issues we are facing as a country. The economy is at a crossroads, FDIs are at an all-time low, inflation is a decade high, foreign currency is depleting, and financial institutions are unstable, exposing the vulnerability of our financial ecosystem. Amidst such precarious time we also see unpredictable regulatory actions making the operating environment even more challenging.  
But despite all the challenges, the mid to long term prospect of Bangladesh is immense and we all are united in the “Bangladesh Opportunity”. The 4 Alpha Bangladesh, i.e., Affordable Bangladesh (The mass population), Anyone Bangladesh (growing middle class), Affluent Bangladesh (Top 9.5%), and Aspirational Bangladesh (The top 0.5%), however we cut the demography, we will see opportunities galore for all the members of FICCI. 
At the same time, FICCI is probably at its strongest as well as it has gained its strength as an institute and the necessary bargaining authority. The earlier leadership elevated FICCI’s reputation to the highest level of the country and now the new leadership has a platform to take this forward. We have support from the Country’s highest office, and we are now seen as vital partner that fosters country’s trade, business, and development.
This is the opportune moment to kickoff of Bangladesh@75, the chapter that will scribe the next 22 years of Bangladesh, culminating the 75th anniversary of Bangladesh, by which time we are likely to graduate to upper middle-income country and need to operate at a different level of capability and capacity. As the new board we will play a critical role to lay the foundation for the next 22 years.
At the heart of FICCI are its member organisations and the board is in the service of its members. The more we can get your input and feedback, the better we can deliver on the responsibilities that have been bestowed on us. We will try from the FICCI secretariat continued engagement with all the members and at the same time we look forward to a step up in your support and participation to make the board get best out of the initiatives it takes. To kick start this process, our Executive Director, Mr Nurul Kabir will be sending out invitations for different engagements for us to meet commencing from January onwards. I look forward to your active participation. 
 With my best wishes, season’s greeting, and a very happy new year for to and your family. 

Zaved Akhtar

President, FICCI Board 2024-2025

Chairman and Managing Director, Unilever Bangladesh