Benefits To Members

The Chamber of FICCI

The Foreign Investors’ Chamber of Commerce and Industry (FICCI), is the apex trade body representing foreign investment from thirty-five (35) countries worldwide in more than Twenty-one (21) sectors in Bangladesh. The prime objective of the FICCI is to facilitate the businesses and investment of foreign investors in Bangladesh and also to protect and promote the interest of the FICCI member companies. The FICCI is 59 years old Chamber, well known and accepted by all the regulators and policymakers in Bangladesh. Besides, the FICCI is the only chamber of its kind to have a partnership with the BIDA to facilitate and promote business and foreign investment in Bangladesh.

The FICCI has a number of success stories, particularly in policy advocacy for policy reformation and formulation, the Annual National Budget, to protect the interest of its member companies. In the latest Finance Bill 2022-23, a significant number of FICCI recommendations were included, which would be instrumental to facilitate the business and investment of the FICCI member companies in Bangladesh.

As the “A” class chamber of the FBCCI, the FICCI provides several benefits to its member companies, such as:

a. FICCI provides a platform to secure the business interest of its member companies via advocating the challenges to the relevant regulators to address them in the fastest possible time.

b. Providing regular and priority-based policy advocacy to the government in policy formulation and reformation with an aim of facilitating the interest of the FICCI member companies.

c. By organizing regular meetings, workshops, seminars, and round tables, the FICCI creates the scope of interaction and networking with the relevant regulators, policymakers, investors, and development partners for the FICCI member companies, both at home and abroad.

d. By taking part in various regional and international conferences and forums, FICCI member companies can represent themselves and advocate the interests of foreign investors in Bangladesh.